Friday, 23 November 2012

Something near to supernatural



Though the incident happened a long time ago, it never got a chance of being depicted, at least in text.


While sitting in the college staffroom , my new Keralian colleague looked fixed at my forehead for a certain time and then asked abruptly, "have you ever seen ghost'?


It made me remember of one incident of my college days. It happened nearly at the time of my second year examination.


It was the time of Bijaya Dashami which takes place just after Durgapuja and everyone visits their friends' and relatives' houses and a refreshment party is thrown and none leaves the place without a lot of gossipping and devouring delicious snacks. On that day, I was totally alone in our apartment as my parents went to one of our relatives place and my sister went to her friend's house. I was studying attentively in my room ( which I used to do only before the examination). After sometime, I started to feel some uneasiness, an unusual kind of fear and shakiness was grappling me. I shifted place and came to the hall with all my study materials. The reason was from the hall, the entrance was near, and in any case, I can open the door and call my neighbour. But that uncanny feeling persisted and after some time that horrific incident took place which still brings me goosebumps.


I stooped down to see some study material and at that time, I could see from the corner of my eye that someone stood still near the door of our master bedroom. It was a woman with white saree and red border and her curly hair was let loose and she had a big red coloured bindi in her forehead. I quickly looked up, and there was nobody, but each time I was looking down to my book, I could sense, she was there. I tried to accumulate courage and continue study but in vain. After sometime, I realised that not a single line is read by me and I am only perspiring heavily. I called up my sister and told her to come back immediately. She was having some pretty good snacks at her friend's place and till now she makes fun of that incident and complains that how many delicious snacks she had to leave only because of  my silliness.


I could never say any because it's a reality about 'all ghost stories' that those who experienced, they only believe and others make fun of it.



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