Thursday, 29 November 2012

Eyes of Sun

Adore those eyes which close and bring the deity in this dusty world
The goddess no more wears the veil, with beauty unpolished
she works in the field, washes near the river
hides near the cowshed, writes beside the lake.

She sometimes look at the sky only to find her own thoughts, her mind dances with its single presence.
She delves deep into self; loves, imagines, satisfies
She becomes cheerful without reasons...gets sullen with them.
She loves to love, each time crashed, mocked, ridiculed, used cruelly
But invincible, shameless to stand again with the same maiden coy.

I saw her often in those mustard fields, tiny diamond shining in her nose ring
With her careless fingers she touches the tip of the flowers in those windy fields
Her yellow robe gets merged with the furrowed land covered with small flower buds
And she gets absorbed with the ripe sunlight in her darker orange frame.

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