Tuesday, 18 December 2012

When there was no word like 'online'

I am among those blessed people who witness the birth and development of technology in the entertainment world. We saw the television to come, the Akashbani to disappear. We can remember those evening when there was no electronic things to provide entertainment. May be some of our favourite songs in the radio. Unfortunately we could not experience the arrival of radio. It was there already in those sunny days of finding out yourself. But we saw those television with big king sized doors to one or two very affluent families of the locality. We saw those cricket matches when a full locality assembled in one house and there was a mixed en choir on every 'six', every 'four' and every 'out'. Even the largest size LED TV can not provide that purity and exhilaration of the entertainment. We experienced those days when something like mobile phone was a dream and many a relations broke down only because of mis-communication or no-communication. We look at the next generation with envious eyes thinking if we had that magic wand in our hand too. Then again we feel ourselves blessed as many a relations may have survived also without this over-communication.

On line, the emperor in the world of entertainment came in the scenario much after that and it made everyone its slave within a whisk of time. Relations become easy, relations become critical. We no longer go to the roof tops to see the sunset, no longer feel cosy and sad in those lonely winter evenings. We no longer cross half a mile to meet the dearest friend and spend a whole evening chatting with him. Chatting becomes something else gradually. Meeting a stranger no longer carries that embarrassment. With time, no one pop the eyes listening and thinking about on line friendship, on line romance. Yet, the boon carries a curse within like everything in this world does. Along with the flood comes the dirt. On line is that flood which brings everything at our doorstep. And it's totally up to us that what we opt for. Being flooded unconditionally or make a bridge to give access to only good things inside.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

You need to know

You need to know dramas are meant for stage, regular use of it in life brings irritation.

You need to know up to what limit you should ignore a woman to make her mad for you...once it is crossed, you never knew what was that time when you became dead to her.

You need to know where is the line where friendship ends and love starts.

You need to know the person who avoids God, may not be trustworthy.

You need to know mature persons never change. They can only act for your support.

You need to know the minds. The one which cares and the one which dictates.

You need to know that rules keep changing. So, dont follow any of them blindly.

You need to know once you break the trust of a person, it shatters him/her into those many pieces that you can try lifelong to collect and adjust them into shape but it never gets into its actual form.

You need to know life is long and roads are rough. True friends are worthy not to lose even one.

You need to know the person who could never respect you in a relationship, can never do that in a friendship too.

You need to know life never offers you a dead end, every blind turn teaches you something.

You need to know regardless of how many fake persons you met in a life, never lose hope in love.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Are we already living in Hell

Are we going back to that animal Kingdom where barbarism is the rule or we become so advanced that left our soul level behind. I felt like screaming when read this news and hope every human being will do.

Source : Ibnlive.com.......Date: 08/12/2012

Kerala: 6-year-old girl sexually abused, forced to drink alcohol by father

IBN Kerala, Updated Dec 08, 2012 at 06:57pm IST

Kochi: In yet another shocker, a six-year-old girl from Kurumpady in Kerala's Ernakulam district was allegedly sexually abused by her 40-year-old father for six months after being forced to drink alcohol. Police have registered a case against the man, who is absconding, following a complaint by the girl's mother that he had been sexually abusing the child for the past six months.

Police said the case has been registered under Protection of Children against Sexual Offences Act and section 328 of IPC (giving liquor to a minor). Ajeesh Ramachandran, psychiatrist at the Government District hospital, Aluva, who treated the child, told Press Trust of India that the girl had stated that her father used to give her alcohol every day before sexually abusing her. She has also named 4-5 friends of her father who also abused her, he said.

The incident came to light after the child was first taken to a paediatrician and then to a psychiatrist at a hospital in nearby Aluva when she showed some behavioural problems. After some counselling sessions, the child informed Mr Ramachandran that she had been sexually abused by her father and few others. The mother then decided to file a police complaint.

Reports say that the parents of the girl were separated and the mother had urged the father to take care of the minor. The girl's parents are separated. The mother was living in orphanages with her two minor daughters and had a year ago, urged the father to take care of one of the daughters. The man took the six-year-old child with him six months ago. The latest incident comes close on the heels of two similar instances from Kottayam and Kannur districts.

In Kottayam, police arrested a man who had allegedly sexually abused his two minor daughters aged 13 and 15 for two years, while at Dharmadom in Kannur, the father, 15-year-old brother and an uncle of a 13-year-old girl had been arrested last month on charges of raping her.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Flower on the canvas

The flower, bright, alive on that darker canvas

A beautiful creation of painter, the poet wrote over the beauty, enlivening that blossoming moment

Was like that night, when we met after years

we come across each other like a storm formed

After years of depression, with all the possibility of its becoming the root of culmination

Decades after, as the eras passed

He called me with that half forgotten name.


It was like that volcano, slept for years

Was there all the time, unknown of its existence

The fire inside was cooled, condensed into those lava rock

As if it was never warm, never hold that wrath inside

Might be expecting that magic golden wand that can awake from its deep cursed sleep.


I hold the moment like that liquid gold, aware and frightened of its getting hard again

The moment was eternal, as when the painter created the flower

And poet wrote of the beauty, the souls can transform

The individuals may change roads, may there

Again come rage, jealousy, all mortal borrowings

But that moment will live through ages

As bright as that flower on the canvas.