Sunday, 27 January 2013

A random thought

Before breaking anyone's trust just once consider that you are going to change the background of all your moments spent together from 'memories' to 'lesson'.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

As my love forgets to bid goodbye

Meeting and departing brings the same emotions of joy and cry
Everything being in the process is rule, but when the rule violates?
When it's not remembered when we said bye, there was no waving hand.
Just the string becomes loose and looser, and then gone
Was it peace? did the string fasten in place of hold?

And the memory comes back, like that whistle of the steam engine
Running by the unknown meadow, by the dry pastures
In silent afternoons, its shrill sound brings dumb pain
Known but not recognised, numb in feeling, and it fades
Fades away leaving the not feeling goodness behind.

Absence - that shivers once with negative anticipation
Now becomes the sigh of relief, wonder now
How relations change, within, silently
Like a revolt formed, like a deluge appeared
And it transforms the soul, shock the entity to one sudden morning
When wake up to know, I don't love any more
But the pain remains, dumb or sharp, those days, those sunlight
Dazzles and blinds, the negative light brings hope
Whispers, nothing's bad, life is still there, smiling and charming.
Pure in smell, mysterious to ravel with newer knots, newer turns.