Sunday, 25 November 2012

Leaving the entity



A Hindu bride and Muslim groom or the vice versa. Quite common in today's society and widely accepted too but how much it's accepted throughout the country? How much our inner self could accept it, must be a issue to demand review.

When you are in true love with the person does his or her religion really matters? What is religion? Is not it related to your whole entity? While waking up from bed, unintentionally or habitually the eyes go to the calender hung in the corner and unknowingly you make a gesture to worship Lord. While touching other person's feet, while leaving the home, while celebrating the festivals, while addressing people, while loving them. In each nook and corner religion takes its unavoidable shape. Then why to leave it ? why it can not congregate the two souls, why it becomes the biggest reason for separation of the loving birds?


And moreover, love is the name of giving. Love can not be selfish enough to take away your entity. The thing that nourishes you, lulls you, makes you a complete individual is must be dearer to you like your own mother. How can your mother be snatched away from you on the name of love. Love can never tell you to stop loving the other persons only because you are in intimate connection with someone special.



While talking about this topic, the film that comes in our mind is Maniratnam's 'Bombay', a story of a Muslim girl and Hindu boy. In history also there was king Akbar who was a great conqueror but he did not forcefully conquer a lady's soul. He married Jodhabai but made a temple for her daily puja in the palace. But may be small city and villages' mind is not liberal enough like that of the great person. True religion teaches us to honour other religions too. Like Shakila's children in 'Bombay'. They had a combination of Hindu and Muslim name. When we are living in a secular country, why a Hindu bride and Muslim groom can not tie the sacred thread in the temple together. What a lovely scene it will make when the Hindu groom will ring the temple bell and his Muslim bride will touch his elbow. They will put the chadar together in Dargah and take the round of the temple yard hand in hand. When that day will come when every village and city will be lucky enough to witness such a beautiful view. Hope, that morning will come ever. 

We completed 60 years of independence but could not independent our mind from that traditional conservativeness. Lets hope , that bright morning will come one day when the future of a boy and girl will be fastened together on the basis of humanity,  not on separatism.

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