Sunday, 5 May 2013


The two words soaked in honey all night
Catch my delightful eyes for more time than a picturesque graphic can do.
The words listened thousand times before from thousand voices
How to find a different look, a different voice when sent by you?

I miss you too my intimate stranger
But our hearts are tied with that invisible and ever recognised thread
That you feel, I understand
Before your pen writes, the poetry is depicted to me
The words written by you were those first morning dewdrops
That I continue to see till sun dazzles to evaporate it

When distance becomes too much, the thoughts prevail
You are there in my each day, each seconds thought
Geographies will give a thousand reason why we are away
But we know in our heart that we are close, very very near by
Watching and relishing your each and every activity
Console your soul when you are alone, whisper the lullaby in your ears when you are tired
I am there in you in every blood drop, every drop of sweat
How to miss me without tearing my soul apart.... from you?


  1. :) thanks Hummy...this was momentary impulsion....not that polished