Tuesday, 11 December 2012

You need to know

You need to know dramas are meant for stage, regular use of it in life brings irritation.

You need to know up to what limit you should ignore a woman to make her mad for you...once it is crossed, you never knew what was that time when you became dead to her.

You need to know where is the line where friendship ends and love starts.

You need to know the person who avoids God, may not be trustworthy.

You need to know mature persons never change. They can only act for your support.

You need to know the minds. The one which cares and the one which dictates.

You need to know that rules keep changing. So, dont follow any of them blindly.

You need to know once you break the trust of a person, it shatters him/her into those many pieces that you can try lifelong to collect and adjust them into shape but it never gets into its actual form.

You need to know life is long and roads are rough. True friends are worthy not to lose even one.

You need to know the person who could never respect you in a relationship, can never do that in a friendship too.

You need to know life never offers you a dead end, every blind turn teaches you something.

You need to know regardless of how many fake persons you met in a life, never lose hope in love.


  1. Rightly said..But there are a few people who just don't know or rather don't want to see. :)

  2. Yes Rebel...and thanks for the support :)

  3. Very well written pearls of wisdom... Kudos!