Saturday, 8 December 2012

Are we already living in Hell

Are we going back to that animal Kingdom where barbarism is the rule or we become so advanced that left our soul level behind. I felt like screaming when read this news and hope every human being will do.

Source : 08/12/2012

Kerala: 6-year-old girl sexually abused, forced to drink alcohol by father

IBN Kerala, Updated Dec 08, 2012 at 06:57pm IST

Kochi: In yet another shocker, a six-year-old girl from Kurumpady in Kerala's Ernakulam district was allegedly sexually abused by her 40-year-old father for six months after being forced to drink alcohol. Police have registered a case against the man, who is absconding, following a complaint by the girl's mother that he had been sexually abusing the child for the past six months.

Police said the case has been registered under Protection of Children against Sexual Offences Act and section 328 of IPC (giving liquor to a minor). Ajeesh Ramachandran, psychiatrist at the Government District hospital, Aluva, who treated the child, told Press Trust of India that the girl had stated that her father used to give her alcohol every day before sexually abusing her. She has also named 4-5 friends of her father who also abused her, he said.

The incident came to light after the child was first taken to a paediatrician and then to a psychiatrist at a hospital in nearby Aluva when she showed some behavioural problems. After some counselling sessions, the child informed Mr Ramachandran that she had been sexually abused by her father and few others. The mother then decided to file a police complaint.

Reports say that the parents of the girl were separated and the mother had urged the father to take care of the minor. The girl's parents are separated. The mother was living in orphanages with her two minor daughters and had a year ago, urged the father to take care of one of the daughters. The man took the six-year-old child with him six months ago. The latest incident comes close on the heels of two similar instances from Kottayam and Kannur districts.

In Kottayam, police arrested a man who had allegedly sexually abused his two minor daughters aged 13 and 15 for two years, while at Dharmadom in Kannur, the father, 15-year-old brother and an uncle of a 13-year-old girl had been arrested last month on charges of raping her.


  1. Thanks for sharing this. Let the God bless those innocent kids.

  2. I read another news, that a minor was sexually assaulted by her father and brother both. I have stopped even reading the daily newspaper coz of such news of heinous acts.
    I don't know where we are heading to. If a child can't feel safe at home, where else she will go? Sick laws, outdated traditions and idiotic politics are making India a tough place to be at.

  3. Yes Rebel, it has a mention of that news also at the end. The thing is we can choose the ways of being escapist or protest against it. Dont you think we should appeal for a stricter law for rape. Speacially when it is about a minor, the rapist should be hanged till death.

  4. There will be many laws for these, but the thing is they are and will never be strictly applied, reason being, no one cares in the system about this. The increasing number of such cases is only coz people don't fear as they know they can easily escape.

    1. I agree with you totally. Even the society can take steps like barring the person from all utilities. These kinds of punishments were there in ancient India. But the main thing is whatever rule is made, mostly culprits get away of it and innocents get trapped.